Rick Gallipeau

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I retired from the Newport, RI Police Department in January, 2009, with 22 years of service.

I started my police career in the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy class of 1986-III.  

I had a year or two on the job when I volunteered to be a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI).  I learned photography, latent fingerprint processing, and evidence collection at the state Scientific Criminal Investigation school, which is run by the Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory. 

I was a CSI for ten years before being promoted to sergeant in January, 2000.  In October, 2000 I was transferred from Patrol to the BCI/Property office.   In a reorganization in July, 2002, I became the Facilities and Property Management Sergeant.  I took care of evidence, found property, the police vehicles, and the building systems.  In November, 2004, I was transferred back to Patrol as a day shift supervisor.  In January, 2006 I made lieutenant, and a year later went to Records, where I finished up.

I have a bachelor's degree in Business-Computer Science from Barrington College ('83) and one in Administration of Justice from Salve Regina College ('90).  I was a computer programmer (PC database applications in Clipper) for a few years before becoming a police officer.

I still belong to the Rhode Island Criminalist Association (an organization of graduates of the state Scientific Criminal Investigation school).

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